2019, Solo exhibition: It is dark and hell is hot, KURARO-KUNSTRAUM, Aachen, Deutschland



2019, Aachener Kunstroute: group exhibition,  KURARO-KUNSTRAUM, Aachen,  Deutschland


Kaweh Agah is a selftaught artist who uses art to cope with his own life and issues so he is able to understand himself better.


Another important reason why he creates art is that he is interested in touching people through his art, to make them happy or to stimulate their thoughts. 


Due to this inner drive he tries to process his own problems or social and political circumstances through a child-like representation of his abstract figures and forms.


That is why he mixes painting with drawing in order to be able to express childlike, naive and playful motifs.


Kaweh’s works are extremely layered, as he mixes mediums including oil sticks, oil pastels, acrylic paints, tempera, gouache, crayon, pencil, marker, aerosol and charcoal.


He is especially interested in the imperfections in the presentation, mistakes and simple figurative characters and abstract forms, because this kind of art inspires and delights him the most.


On his website you find a selection of his paintings and drawings.


If you want to see more artworks check out his instagram page.

Thank you.